Screenshot- Writzer's Castle

Warps and teleports

Warps are now saved to the database, so that should help :)

Available warp commands:

/tp [player]
/pp [player]
/setwarp [name]
/warp [name]

'spawn' is re-definable, but doesn't yet work for players that are just logging in.


I'm looking for a way that users can set their own user skin through this website, if you know how to do this with drupal, please let me know.

Backup restored

I had to restore the backup of yesterday after a database migration caused pretty random terrain loss.

I guess i could setup another server for testing, but that is not something that i would prefer.

Player avatars

Player avatars are now supported in CB! :)
If you want to create your own skin, send me a message on the forum and i can add it to the game.


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